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Lyme Disease Victims Speak out in Australia

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WHILE experts maintain that there is no presence of Lyme disease in Australia, northern beaches victims are insisting otherwise.

Studies have concluded that those diagnosed with the disease must have been bitten by infected ticks while travelling in Europe or the United States.

But try telling that to Avalon resident Sarah Bayes, who suffered from a tick bite for 16 years that she received in her garden.

“I contracted what was described as a Lyme-like illness from a tick bite in 1989,” she said.

“It was five years before I was diagnosed and my illness was acknowledged as something.”

As Ms Bayes became progressively sicker she exhibited symptoms similar to Lyme disease.

“I was a very fit and healthy person prior to the tick,” she said. “I had unusual fatigue, heart problems and arthritis. They did all sorts of tests on me but they came back normal.”

It wasn’t until Ms Bayes was treated by an infectious disease specialist that she was put on an antibiotic treatment given to sufferers of Lyme disease.

“I’m aware of the study that has been done by experts, but as someone who has suffered the symptoms I can assure you there is something there,” she said.

A victim who did not wish to be named was forced to move out of the northern beaches under doctors’ recommendations due to the high rate of ticks in the area.

“My symptoms are ongoing. It does subside a little but as soon as I try and lead a normal life, like gardening for a day, it takes me two weeks to recover,” she said.

“I can’t understand why the Health Department is in denial when there are so many cases on their books.”

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