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PHARMACISTS can play an important part in preventing the spread of Lyme disease in Australia, according to Dr Mualla Akinci McManus, owner of the Gold Cross
Pharmacy in Redfern.

Lyme disease is caused by three strains of the Borrelia bacteria, and
is transmitted by tick bites.

Known as the great imitator, the disease shares common symptoms with many chronic diseases (MS, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue syndrome etc), which can start within a week of being bitten (and sometimes much later).

Symptoms can include sinusitis, stiff neck, sweat attacks, muscle
twitches, muscle weakness, involuntary jerking of limbs,
arthritis, Bell’s palsy, cramps, paralysis, depression, brain fog,
insomnia, balance problems, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, optic
neuritis, nerve conduction defects, numbness, cardiac conduction
abnormalities, swallowing difficulties and tinnitus.

Whilst Lyme disease exists in America and Europe, it is not
recognised by government authorities as being present in

“Because our government is in denial about the existence of Lyme
disease in Australia, the vast majority of people don’t realise it is
here and that they should take special precautions when visiting
tick-prone areas,”
said McManus, whose husband passed away from
the disease last year.

“Any pharmacist working in a tick area should get clued up about the
disease and how to prevent it.

“Wearing appropriate clothing and using an insect repellent
containing DEET (not for children) to prevent tick bites is the first line
of defence.

“And if a customer is bitten by a tick, it’s vital that the person knows
how to remove the tick correctly or they risk the tick injecting more of
the Borrelia (Lyme-disease bacteria) into them,” she added.

Stocking tick removers in pharmacies is also an important
step, said McManus, who added that if a customer comes in with flulike
symptoms or a bulls-eye rash following a tick bite, then
pharmacists should advise them to head straight to a doctor for a
course of antibiotics to prevent the development of the disease.

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