Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 in 100 Australians Autistic with up to 90% Lyme Induced

'ONE IN 100'

Professor Margot Prior says a second independent study from the university [Australia's La Trobe University] found the figure was close to one in 100.

"Well we had 19 autistic children in a sample of 1,900. So that's one in a 100. So again, we believe that the prevalence is certainly greater for whatever reason," she said.

"And of course this is a population, you know, a non-clinical sample, just from the population out there. "

It is still unclear whether there are more cases of autism or whether doctors are just more aware of the condition and likely to pick it up.

While a large study in the United States is looking at possible triggers in the environment, Dr Dissanayake says it is too early to tell what is behind the increase."

Lyme Disease is being touted as a primary cause of autism (purportedly 90% of children with autism are infected with Lyme Disease). I am amazed by this one because I did not know that Lyme Disease was that widespread and did not know that data had been kept correlating LD in some way with Autism. Meanhwile there is actually a Lyme Induced Autism Foundation which has been formed by parents and they are hosting a physician's think tank session January 26-28 in San Diego. Lyme Induced Autism?...Currently, several doctors have stepped forward talking about this. Dr. Warren Levin of Vienna, VA recently appeared on the online radio show on hosted by Duncan called "The Lyme-Autism Connection". He stated that of the 10 children with autism he tested for Lyme disease, 100% of them also came back positive for Lyme disease."
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