Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Victorian Mum cries out about child risk of Lyme Diagnosis in Australia

Written by Marianne Betts (20 July 2011)
Ailing mum Sherryn Jackson with daughters Caprice, Anneka and Janaya.

A MUM is angry it has taken years for her to be diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disease, which she may have passed on to her children.

Had Sherryn Jackson been immediately diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering a tick bite, she says she would not have risked transmitting it to her daughters during pregnancy.

Her NSW GP, Dr Peter Mayne, said he'd diagnosed 20 Victorians with the infection in the past year, but it remained largely unrecognised by Australian health authorities.

Victorian health department spokesman Bram Alexander said the tick responsible for transmitting Lyme disease was not believed to exist in Australia.

"However, if doctors are diagnosing this condition in Victorians we would be very interested in investigating this further," he said.

Dr Mayne said Lyme disease was a bacterial infection that appeared long after a tick bite, and could be cured with antibiotics.

Ms Jackson said she was bitten in Shepparton seven years ago when carrying her first child. The bite vanished after a couple of months, but five years later she began to feel unwell.

"Weird things started happening ... I started getting dizzy spells, I developed balance, co-ordination and speech problems, and headaches," Ms Jackson said.

Many doctors had examined her, blaming an allergy, imaginary symptoms, and possibly multiple sclerosis.

Dr Mayne diagnosed her with Lyme disease last week, and she was awaiting US tests for further details.

She believes at least one of her three daughters contracted the disease from her.

Janaya, 4, has been plagued by health problems, and was admitted to hospital last year with encephalitis, a brain inflammation common in children with Lyme disease. Her twin, Caprice, has had eye problems.

"I'm angry. It should have been picked up. I'd have had three months of antibiotics, and I wouldn't have become sick, and my children wouldn't be sick," Ms Jackson said."

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  1. We need research, better tests, and better treatment - and not one more focus group, taskforce, committee, official day to observe Lyme disease awareness. Those of us who are ill are very much aware of it, every single day. And we want to get better.

  2. After ww2 Russians have taken German rocket scientists,England have taken chemical scientists,America have taken biology scientists.One of them was Veterinarian Eric Traub,who worked on Plum island which was quarantine for diseased animals.Traub has experimenting with Tics and diseased animals,then these infected ticks were let out in place called Lyme north of NY.Today with Eugenics program chem trails they are shared globally.Traub was let to go back to Germany where he spent rest of his life.Same like fluoride in water and child vaccines with mercury and Monsanto GMO This comment would be deleted.

  3. What a surprise my comment not deleted.Now I can elaborate on ticks a bit more.Some 65 years ago in my childhood I had dog and spend most time in forest with my dog.I would get lots of thick's from rolling in the fallen leaves,but my dog would have hundreds of them especially around his neck.I used to pop them as they were full of blood.Never any infection me or dog.In my long life and experience I have,I must point out that science is the biggest enemy of humanity,but sadly people been programmed to worship them.